My view of the windows in the church sanctuary is usually from a distance and most often while the space is busy with activity. But yesterday, I had a moment to take a closer look.

And looking more closely and more intentionally leads to noticing interesting details, asking deeper questions, and perceiving new insights.

img_9580       img_9579

Seeing from a distance in the busyness of activity isn’t always such a bad thing. But seeing only from a distance can lead to apathy at best or misperception at worst.

There’s often deeper layer of beauty and meaning in the details when you slow down and take a closer look.

The same is true when it comes to people.

I think there’s a spiritual lesson in that.

Maybe it’s wise to refrain from judgment without first slowing down, looking more closely and graciously, and seeking for beauty and meaning that might be most apparent in the details.

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