Last week, I finally got new glasses.  It’s been just under 5 years since my last prescription, and for almost half that time, I’d been gradually noticing that my vision seemed just out of focus.

We often don’t notice our lack of focus.  We may even grow used to a loss of clarity.  Maybe we sense something’s a little off.  And maybe we look at our world and blame it for being defective in our eyes.  We mistake our blurred vision for normal and insist that others aren’t seeing the world right while the real problem is our own lack of clear vision.

When I put on my new glasses, I was surprised by how poor my unaided vision really is and how well I can now see.  At first, I was even a little disoriented while I grew used to seeing the world as it really is.

It seems to me that Christ names the single focus.  The focus is love.  That’s it.

It also seems to me that the love of Christ is the corrective lens that provides a new way of seeing–a way of seeing through God’s eyes.  And when we see through God’s eyes, love is the only clear vision of the world as it really is and the only sure focus for seeing the true path that leads forward.

The view looking right from my pulpit through my new glasses.

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