These changes in latitudes,
Changes in attitudes,
Nothing remains quite the same…
Jimmy Buffett

Within 15 minutes, the interplay between the rising sun, early morning clouds, and offshore rain changed the view from this…

to this…

and then to this…

Change comes in all varieties.  Sometimes, it’s a long awaited answer to a prayer.  Sometimes, it can be unsettling and disorienting.  And often, it can be either, depending on your perspective.

But in either case, consider how times of change–even change we’re not thrilled about–might lead to greater love.

It can be hard to see at first, especially if we find ourselves pushed or pulled out of a comfortable or familiar place.  Change can threaten the status quo or even challenge seemingly settled opinions and beliefs.  Societal changes, cultural changes, community changes, family changes, changes of emphasis, changes of direction, changes of opinion: change is happening all around us, and it can be unnerving when we don’t understand it or don’t agree with it.

When you find yourself there, keep in mind the one constant question: can the change lead to greater love?  And if you can’t quite see the rainbow in the storm, how can you contribute to greater love in the midst of it?

For those who follow the way of Christ, love is always the constant.

It seems that we can either let moments of frustration and confusion grate on our nerves and embitter us, or we can first seek for a change in our own hearts, a change toward compassion and loving-kindness.  How we perceive of change is largely a matter of perspective, and how we respond to it can be Spirit-inspired and life-giving if that perspective is God’s grace and Christ’s love.

And who knows?  Maybe we’ll even see a rainbow that was always there.

2 Replies to “Times of Change”

    1. Change is a part of life. The sooner we accept this fact and recognize the opportunities change can bring in our lives, the better our life can become.


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