This is one view of the place I get to work:

And it’s a beautiful sight.  But what you can’t see in the picture is even more beautiful.

Behind me as I took the picture were scores of teenagers visiting and laughing as they left from an evening of fun and fellowship.  Inside the sanctuary was a choir rehearsing an astoundingly gorgeous piece of spirited music.  To my left was a busy city street of a vibrant community with its complex blend of success, potential, and challenge.  To my right was a sprawling residential neighborhood full of diverse people and households.

Of course, not all is beauty.  The life going on all around me has its share of tragedy–stories of disappointment, loss, misunderstanding, violence, and fear.  Human life is a complicated blend of joy and sorrow.  And so often that sorrow is hidden just beneath the stained-glass surface.

But all around me is the opportunity to live and share the love of Christ.  And that’s one of the most beautiful sights of all.

4 Replies to “A Beautiful Sight”

  1. Loved this, living 6 blocks from “MY” church I see and can participate in worship, learning and community outreach every day of the week. Church is not a “Sunday” thing it’s an everyday in some way thing.


  2. The beauty of this church is upheld by pillars of compassion, love, discipline and inclusion and acceptance of all God’s children. I’ve been repeating “Child of God” to myself and my family since the sermon on Sunday. Thank you, John!


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