Pistachios taste just fine.  But the joy of eating pistachios isn’t necessary the taste–it’s the delight I find in the process of eating them.

Forget the pre-shelled bags.  Give me a handful of pistachios partially cracked so I have to work a little by hand to get to that tiny, salty, green morsel.  Even better, give me a bowl where the discarded shells mix in with the uneaten nuts so finding the last one is a bit of a challenge.

Eating pistachios may seem like a lot of effort for a minuscule amount, and it takes some time to eat to satisfaction, but the blessing of the pistachio is having to slow down and proceed at a one-by-one pace.

This is analog food, not digital.  Like playing a vinyl album instead of streaming or making pancakes from scratch, pistachios require a bit of time and attention.

If you have the opportunity, do something that takes a bit of time and attention.  Even better, make it a habit. It doesn’t have to be pistachios.

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