I hope it isn’t too late
Searching for the time that has gone so fast
The time that I thought would last
My ever present past.
From “Ever Present Past,” Paul McCartney

After breaking my watch a few weeks ago, I began the year with a new one.  That’s good timing: the new year is here, and I’m beginning it with a new watch, both reminders that it’s time to start again.

Tempus fugit, says the old Latin motto–“time flies” (“flies” as in it flees away) and indeed it does.  The moments come, they’re here for an instant, and they evade capture like a fugitive on the run.

The very next moment, though, is always a new start.  Or at least, it can be.

Each new measure of time is a new, unique, singular opportunity to live a more healthy life, to live a more generous life, to live a more mindful and compassionate life, to live a more gracious and loving life.

I’m sure I’ll miss some opportunities along the way, I’ll likely make some mistakes, and I’ll regretfully waste some time as it slips out of my grasp.  But maybe I’ll also remember that each new year, each new day, and even each new hour and minute are gifts of time anew.  There’s always time to start again.

The first morning light on January 1, 2019.

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